Apple hasn’t covered itself in glory by replacing Google Maps with its own cartography on the iPhone 5. Refinements will undoubtedly appear, but in the meantime there’s a market for a reliable offline map as well as one to help guide you to your destination using turn by turn navigation. CoPilot was quick to declare itself primed for iPhone and iOS6 use and complements rather than replaces the native Apple Maps.

 The updated version of this powerful software takes advantage of the iPhone 5’s elongated screen. It’s also invaluable to be able to choose how much space on your smartphone you’re willing to devote to the maps. This setup also ensure you’re getting the most up-to-date mapping data. Once the app is installed there are options for European regions or the whole geography, plus a separate, slightly cheaper UK & Ireland only version. 

Transport options run from car and motorbike to bicycle, pedestrian or RV, plus there are toll road and ferry avoidance options. 

CoPilot can direct you to a friend’s house based on their address in your Contacts list, search for POIs, use Google Local Search items and enter specific street names. There’s a Petrol Station Finder too. Our favourite feature is the PhotoNav. Click on a photo stored in your iPhone and, as long as Location Services were active at the time you snapped the shot, it will instantly show you on a map where it was taken. Roadtrippers will certainly appreciate this. 

Maps and verbal directions are clearly given, with the standard list/map and 2D/3D choices. Route recalculation when you miss a turn is pretty swift, but ensure you’ve still got a strong GPS signal before performing a U-turn during rush hour. It doesn’t endear you to fellow road users. The default route preview is achingly slow, though sometimes there’s an option to speed it up.


CoPilot has long been a favourite satnav app due to its clear maps and great value. On the iPhone 5 it easily earns its keep for both navigation and offline map viewing.