The HP Officejet H470 is a mobile inkjet printer aimed at those people who need to print reports, photos, and brochures straight from a laptop, camera, or phone while on the road.

We tested the £229 HP Officejet H470wbt model, which adds a rechargeable battery and a Bluetooth wireless adaptor to the slightly cheaper entry-level unit.

It weighs just 2.3kg with the battery attached, but the HP Officejet H470wbt is a bit bulky at 340x164x83mm, so it may work better in your car than in your carry-on. (If you often work from your car, you may want to spend another few pounds on a vehicle power adaptor.)

We were stunned at how easily the HP Officejet H470wbt printed photos from a Palm Treo via the Bluetooth adaptor, which plugs into a recessed USB port. The optional 802.11g print adaptor fits into the same slot but was slightly trickier to configure.

We had to follow the instructions carefully and use a wired USB connection for configuration before we could get a notebook to print to the HP Officejet H470wbt over Wi-Fi.

The HP Officejet H470wbt also has a single SD media card slot and a PictBridge port, which let you automatically print photos that you select using your digital camera's Digital Print Order Format feature.

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