The OfficeJet 7610 is one of the few A3 printers currently available for £200.00 or less. It’s actually priced at £230.00 if you buy it directly from the HP web site, but it’s available for just under £200.00 from a number of online stores so, as always, it’s worth shopping around for the best deal. 

It’s not a dedicated A3 printer – it’s primarily designed for A4 printing, with the A3 option available as an added bonus. Designers who are looking for an affordable proofing device will probably want to look elsewhere, but the OfficeJet 7610 could be really useful for small businesses that occasionally need to print larger document sizes, or even for home users who want to print posters for a sports club or school event.

The OfficeJet works very well as an A4 printer, providing up to 1200x4800dpi resolution for colour printing, and turning out 12ppm for mono text documents, and 7ppm for colour. Its cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink cartridges all use pigmented inks that produce very good results, with bright, strong colours and crisp smooth text that comes close to laser-quality. It slows down a bit when you switch to the larger format, taking 30 seconds to print a single A3 page, but it’s still a handy option to have and that speed will be fine for just occasional use.

It’s a multifunction device as well, with the ability to scan and copy documents up to A3 size, and a built-in fax machine. The OfficeJet 7610 includes both USB and Ethernet interfaces, as well as wifi, and supports AirPrint for iOS devices. The only minor disappointment is that duplex printing is only available as an optional extra costing a further £50.00. 

Printing costs are good, though, thanks to HP’s high-capacity XL ink cartridges. The XL black cartridges costs £24.00, but should last for a total of 1000 mono pages, which works out at a reasonable 2.4p per page. Colour printing is even better, with the three coloured cartridges costing £36.00 in total, and providing 825 pages at a cost of just under 4.5p per page. 


It’s good to see a printer that provides an affordable A3 printing option, and the only real disadvantage with the OfficeJet 7610 is that it’s pretty bulky. It measures a full 625mm high and 486mm deep so it’s not the sort of printer you can just stick on a shelf, and it’ll need a good strong table or desk to keep it stable once it starts to churn the pages out.