If you know what you want in a laptop and have a budget to stick to wouldn’t you like to pick and choose elements of your laptop to suit? Zepto notebooks are built to order to meet the needs of customers - regardless of budget.

The model we reviewed, the Zepto Znote 6324W came with Vista Basic and no software. Customers can change any part of the machine, such as the CPU, hard drive and OS.

The Zepto Znote 6324W is built on the latest Intel Santa Rosa technology. At first glance the all-white, lightweight Zepto Znote 6324W notebook looks like a Fisher Price toy but once you get your hands on it; it's actually quite sturdy with a secure lid including clasps to keep it closed.

We found the Zepto Znote 6324W's trackpad quite difficult to use and the buttons below it a bit slack. Some reports from those who have used the Zepto Znote 6324W for a while suggest that the keys can leave noticeable marks on the screen when the lid is closed - although we didn't experience this. We can say that the fan is noisy when the Zepto Znote 6324W starts up, however.

There is no camera and no media-playback controls, but the Zepto Znote 6324W connects to a, g and n wireless networks and has Bluetooth connectivity. It's also quite convenient to use due to its two programmable quick launch buttons, and an additional two buttons for launching the email application and web browser.

Zepto says the 14.1in screen is Ultracrisp but it lacks a little clarity. The sound quality on the Zepto Znote 6324W was better than we had expected, even if the speakers do look a bit tacky. The Zepto Znote 6324W comes with a 3-in-1 card reader and a 60-day Microsoft Office trial.

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