The pink version of the Sony CR21S/P laptop may not be to everyone’s taste.

However, available in a range of other colours including red, silver, blue and black, the glossy, slightly metallic Sony CR21S/P looks sophisticated and something fashion-conscious fellows would be proud to carry around with them.

Although the Sony CR21S/P's metallic keyboard looks fancy, the widely spaced small keys are difficult to type with. The trackpad is easy to use but the buttons below it need to be pressed quite firmly to select.

The Sony CR21S/P is designed for convenience, however, with small buttons above the keyboard reserved for such common activities as muting the laptop, activating the web cam and controlling media file playback. It’s also simple to turn wireless capability on and off using the handy switch on the side.

With three USB ports, Bluetooth and the ability to connect to a, b and g wireless networks, connectivity is adequate. The Sony CR21S/P's 14.1in screen displays images that are crisp and vibrant and video playback is smooth.

However, the Sony CR21S/P's gaming test results are a little measly, so it’s perhaps not the best choice if you intend to play the latest titles. The Sony CR21S/P's battery life was reasonable and we were pleased to see a large selection of applications come as part of the package – a bundle that includes Adobe Photoshop Elements, WinDVD and SonicStage Mastering Studio.

Although the 2GB RAM of memory and 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 processor are notable inclusions - and the WorldBench real-world benchmark of 72 solid - we expected slightly more from the Sony CR21S/P than a 160GB hard drive. Higher capacities are offered in considerably less-expensive laptops. However, the inclusion of a 1.3Mp camera enhances the multimedia capabilities of the Sony CR21S/P and the laptop's build is pleasing, being neither too large nor heavy to make portability an issue.


Although the gaming score was a little low and the keyboard is not the easiest to use, we think Sony has got it right for a laptop of this price, combining power and style in a well featured and portable notebook that doesn’t break the bank. Available in colours other than pink, the Sony CR21S/P is not just a girly choice of machine.