The Samsung M60 strikes a good balance between price, size and power.

It also boasts an exceptionally good battery life which means that you'll be able to use the Samsung M60 for a good couple of hours should you decide to lug it out and about with you.

Unlike some of the larger-sized laptops we've reviewed here, using the Samsung M60 as a portable device is doable, as it weighs just 3.2kg.

The Samsung M60 looks good too: its sleek metallic silver finish is both stylish and modern-looking. It is also minimalist, in some areas. A single quick-access button launches the AV Station – the Samsung M60's video, photo and music centre – and the front-facing surround sound speakers produce a great audio output. A built-in TV tuner means you can record programmes for later viewing, too.

Samsung includes a generous 200GB hard disk in the Samsung M60 on which to store all your multimedia content. There are slots for six different types of media cards and Bluetooth as well as all three Wi-Fi versions.

The Samsung M60's WorldBench score of 81 was the highest of all the larger-sized Windows Vista laptops, proving the worth of the powerful 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 processor when paired with 2GB of DDR RAM.

We half expected to find the Samsung M60's Achilles heel in its graphics setup. However, it was able to achieve a mighty 51fps (frames per second) in our Fear tests even though the 256MB nVidia GeForce 8400 ought to be no match for the 512MB chips included with the likes of Alienware's offering.

The Samsung M60 has been well designed throughout, with a comfortable keyboard and trackpad (some people may find both this and the buttons below it a little small, though). We also liked the catch that prevents the lid from flying open when the M60 is being transported.

What stands out about the well-balanced Samsung M60, though, is the software that comes with it. As well as the AV Station entertainment suite, there's Cyberlink for DVD playback, Samsung Recovery Solution and Samsung Magic Doctor – a good spread of leisure and practicality for this Vista Business laptop.


With superb battery life, a decent speed result and unexpected portability, the Samsung M60 is a solid combination of size and power, with a reasonable price to boot.