In terms of inspiring design, the Rock Pegasus 710 gaming laptop doesn’t really deliver the goods. But it has some redeeming features that may make it worth your attention.

A black lid and predominantly silver interior give the Rock Pegasus 710 a clean look, but overall we aren’t that excited by its appearance.

The Pegasus 710 lacks fancy features that many similarly priced laptops include, such as media playback controls or a TV tuner. Indeed, at first glance the Rock Pegasus 710's most interesting feature is a single energy-saving button.

Although bulky and heavy, the Pegasus 710 is generally sturdy built. Pressure on the lid can ripple the Rock's display, however.

The glossy 17in screen is large but... well that's it. Display quality is not the best, with text in particular appearing blurred and visibility difficult under certain lighting conditions. When you consider that the Rock Pegasus 710 includes an HD-DVD drive we'd expect a better screen for watching movies.

The Rock Pegasus 710's keyboard, which is smaller than those on many full-sized laptops, is comfortable to use. The track pad is responsive but the buttons below it have to be pressed towards one side, making it difficult to tell when something is selected. It's a small point but it soon becomes significant.

It may be hard for some people to adjust to the placement of the Rock Pegasus 710's track pad - it's situated more to the lefthand side than is the case with a conventional notebook layout. But it's not unattractive, and this odd placement is about as exciting as the design gets with the Pegasus 710.

An in use battery life of only 70 minutes is not great for a laptop priced like the Rock Pegasus 710. On the other hand a FEAR gaming framerate of 40 frames per second (fps) and a speed benchmark of 67 in WorldBench are none too shabby. Chalk these solid results down to the presence of the latest Centrino Duo processor and Intel's Santa Rosa chipset technology.

And we are mighty impressed by the Pegasus 710's generous three-year warranty. Peace of mind matters, after all.

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