Rock Computer's Pegasus 520 is a solid laptop with nVidia's latest 9650M GT graphics card - but does it deliver?

Rock Computers made its name with high-performance laptops, and after acquisition by the appropriately named Stone Group earlier this year, is back in business with some interesting gaming-orientated notebooks.

The Rock Pegasus 520 is one of the first laptops to feature the new nVidia GeForce 9650M GT graphics card with 1GB of video RAM. Two versions of the Rock Pegasus 520 are offered by Rock Computers, the fastest machine taking a 2.53GHz processor, while our sample uses the 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU.

At just over 3kg, it's not an overly large and heavy laptop by the standards of many game-tuned laptops, yet still feels very rigid and relatively robust.

The Rock Pegasus 520's glossy 15in widescreen display is a very high resolution type, 1680x1050 pixels, making it good for displaying high-definition video - even if it doesn't not quite reach the Full HD spec of 1920x1080. The downside to this level of resolution is that screen fonts and iconage are rendered terribly small by default.

Four embedded buttons in front of the left-hand screen hinge provide quick launch functions, and a small and somewhat intense blue LED nearby flashes to indicate disk use, reaching frenetic speeds during most activities. While some people may appreciate the feedback, we found this highly distracting, being in our eyeline when looking toward the Rock Pegasus 520's screen.

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