At first glance the Panasonic CF-T7 Toughbook doesn't look a ruggedised laptop - it's too stylish, for a start.

The Panasonic CF-T7 Toughbook's stylish casing combines straight lines with a silver-coloured magnesium alloy case for a sleek and modern effect more likely to be found on a traditional laptop

Its design couldn't be further from the rugged plastic 'tool box-esque' GETAC V100, but it has all the attributes of a rugged laptop. Panasonic claims it can withstand a pressure of up to 100kg and can be dropped from a height of 76cm without being destroyed.

The Panasonic CF-T7 Toughbook survived several drop tests we undertook – both with the screen closed and open – and showed no sign of damage.

At 1.38kg, the Panasonic CF-T7 Toughbook is lighter than the GETAC, while the integrated rubber handle attached to the bottom of the laptop makes it easy to carry when on the move.

The Panasonic CF-T7 Toughbook includes a 1.2GHz Intel Core 2 U700 duo processor, 1GB RAM and an 80GB shock resistant hard drive, plus a separate graphics chip in the form of an Intel GM965 graphics controller. The WorldBench score of 46 showed that it performs marginally better than the GETAC too.

The 12.1in anti-glare LCD touchscreen is easy to read and the compact keyboard is also comfortable to type on. However we aren't entirely convinced by the white keyboard – if the Panasonic CF-T7 Toughbook is used outside, the keys will get dirty very quickly. However, as both the touchscreen and the laptop are water resistant, the keyboard can easily be wiped clean.

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