Eye catching design in a laptop is all very well, just as long as it is eye catching in the right way. Packard Bell, a vendor with a history of questionable colour choices, has opted to go for a bronze finish (the company calls it “honey bronze”) with the Packard Bell EasyNote TSX66, and we’re not sure we like it that much.

Each to their own, though, and if you want a laptop with a unique colour scheme then you could do much worse. Underneath the sun-tanned exterior of this Packard Bell EasyNote TSX66 lurks the powerful quad-core Intel Core i7-2630QM Sandy Bridge processor, teamed up with 6GB of RAM. This let the Packard Bell romp home with a high Worldbench 6 score of 132 points.

On the other hand the lack of a dedicated graphics processor, the Packard Bell EasyNote TSX66 uses Intel’s built-in HD graphics, accounts for terribly poor graphics performance results, just 17fps in FEAR at the usual Maximum details settings.

But there are several features that help keep the Packard Bell EasyNote TSX66’s chin up, such as the excellent keyboard. Well spaced-out with full size, isolated keys (apart from the Return and Hash keys, which somewhat curiously touch each other), the Packard Bell EasyNote TSX66 is very easy to work on.

This is backed up by a trackpad that supports some multitouch gestures and scrolling, improving the input experience on the Packard Bell EasyNote TSX66. There’s also a generous 750GB hard drive, while the MobileMark 2007 Productivity battery life result of six hours and 21 minutes is better than many other models in this price range.


The colour scheme certainly makes the Packard Bell EasyNote TSX66 stand out, though it may not be to everyone’s tastes. A £700 price tag is attractive when you consider the performance of the quad-core processor with 6GB of memory. For a multimedia-focused laptop, though, the Packard Bell is compromised by its weak Intel graphics processor. The absence of a BD drive is also noted, when these can be found on laptops around this price now. The Packard Bell EasyNote TSX66 is hence more suited to work-based activities, with its excellent keyboard and trackpad.