Novatech has aimed at producing a high-performance gaming system with its new Novatech X50MV laptop, a 15in-screen model fitted with the capable nVidia GeForce 9600M GT graphics card.

And thanks to its high-performance 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, the Novatech X50MV proved to be the fastest notebook computer we've seen.

Gamers should be impressed with the bodywork, for the Novatech X50MV comes finished in a metallic glitter blue finish over its large lid and deep-set main chassis.

In fitting with its high-end pretensions, the Novatech X50MV has a high-resolution 15.4in widescreen, high-gloss but able to render 1680x1050 pixels, a resolution normally reserved for at least 19in or 22in displays. Consequently screen fonts and icons are rendered small although this won't be a problem for young gamers with keen eyesight.

On the outside of the screen lid is an LCD panel, to make use of Microsoft's Side Show option in Vista. Some may find it useful, even if we see it as a clunky admission that Windows has lousy startup times and poor standby functionality, forcing users to look for ways to access their laptop without the lid-opening wait.

In most respects, every modern port is catered for on the Novatech X50MV, and there's even a 56K modem for ye olde dial-up. For video output, a VGA port is supported by a modern HDMI port. A minor omission may be eSATA for high-speed hard drive connection.

In raw performance, the Novatech X50MV scored 103 in WorldBench 6, a score closer to that of a powerful desktop system than a laptop.

In graphics tests, the Novatech X50MV acheived 19.5fps in the Crysis 1024 High Quality settings test, falling to 8.6fps in VHQ mode. Using the less arduous FEAR Max quality test, 44fps were clocked up.

With all this power on board, you might expect battery life to suffer, but thanks to a large 6-cell battery and the latest Intel silicon, the Novatech X50MV measured 237 minutes, over four and quarter hours, in MobileMark 2007 Productivity mode.


With its useful battery life and solid build, the Novatech X50MV stands clear as a highly capable laptop computer, with features and performance aplenty.