The Fujitsu LifeBook S6510 is a slim and light laptop with a fairly big screen.

Battery life is not bad, and you have the option of nearly doubling it by using two batteries at once. The Fujitsu LifeBook S6510 is a pricey little unit, though, and it's slow and a bit limited in features compared with the competition. Unless its weight and screen size suit you perfectly, you should pass on this Windows Vista Business laptop - you can get a better-performing portable for the same price.

A newer model in Fujitsu's thin-and-light stable, the Fujitsu LifeBook S6510 weighs 1.7kg, including a reasonably bright 1280-by-800-pixel 14.1in screen. With the optical drive or a second battery inserted into the bay instead of the included blank, the weight totals a little over 2kg.

The Fujitsu LifeBook S6510's battery life was decent. The main battery endured for 3.7 hours in our tests, about 10 minutes longer than the average of 3.6 hours attained by 14 currently tested all-purpose notebooks. We didn't test the two-battery configuration, but for that setup Fujitsu estimates a total of 6.2 hours of operation.

The FPCM43353 configuration of the Fujitsu LifeBook S6510 comes standard with a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo T7700 processor and an extra-big 4GB hunk of main memory. Despite those impressive components, the S6510's performance was only so-so. Its WorldBench 6 Beta 2 score of 74 was slightly better than the average mainstream laptop's score of 72, so the S6510 should be plenty fast enough to handle most applications.

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