The Dell XPS M1730 is an ogre of a machine, weighing nearly 5kg. It is predominantly a gaming notebook thanks to its AGEIA PhysX Accelerator and the latest NVIDIA SLI technology.

The Dell XPS M1730 can also handle the latest games with fast graphics due to the AGEIA PhysX processing unit and 512MB of dedicated video RAM.

Available in red, blue, white and grey, the Dell XPS M1730 makes a visual impact but we were not completely sold on the over-the-top futuristic design. The Dell XPS M1730 looks like a gaming though, and the light shining through the panels in the side of the lid gives it a space age feel.

The Dell XPS M1730 even features a full size keyboard that illuminates for late-night game play.

The 17in widescreen UltraSharp WUXGA display with a resolution of 1920x1200 and full HD 1080p support allows gaming fans to experience the action at its best quality. The Dell XPS M1730's built-in Logitech Gamepanel LCD will also catch gamers’ eyes. This is a first for notebooks, displaying gaming information, doubling up as a clock and stopwatch and telling you how much memory is being used.

Those that look for the flashier elements of laptops will delight in the Dell XPS M1730's 16-colour, programmable LightFX lighting in the front speaker grill that display as you play games or music. You can even customise the touchpad back-lighting.

In terms of our WorldBench testing, the Dell XPS M1730 scored highly, achieving 78 real-world speed points. As we had expected, the notebook performed well in gaming tests, scoring a whopping 70. Battery life was not as high as we had hoped however, managing only 73 minutes at full pelt.

The Dell XPS M1730 has an optional of a TV tuner, connectivity options are impressive, with long-range wireless connectivity via internal mobile broadband, Bluetooth peripherals and the Dell XPS M1730's Wi-Fi catcher and support for the newest Wireless-N technology.

Not only is the Dell XPS M1730 a machine suited to gaming, the M1730 is well featured as a multimedia machine. It has a 2Mp camera, full HD movie viewing that looks fantastic on the high definition display, optional Blu-ray Disc Technology, dual headphone jacks, and an express card travel remote that slots conveniently into the side of the laptop.


Although you're paying a price nearing the £2,000 mark, you get a machine offering top performance in return. The Dell XPS M1730 is definitely for the more serious laptop users and gamers out there, and it would be a good desktop-replacement thanks to its cracking display. Although the Dell XPS M1730 is bulky and we are a little disheartened by the battery life we were wowed by the high games and WorldBench scores and impressive hard drive capacity.