Acer appears to be aiming its Blu-ray-equipped Acer AS6935G laptop at a youthful audience.

Evidence includes the host of children's games included among all the pre-loaded bloatware. We also thought the flashy CineDash Media Console - a touch-sensitive control panel to the left of the keyboard - gave the Acer AS6935G an appearance of the flight deck of the Enterprise.

In terms of power and features, the Acer AS6935G sits firmly mid-table. It sports a 2.26GHz dual-core processor, 4GB of RAM and a games-oriented graphics card in the nVidia 9600M GT with 512MB of video RAM.

Its build quality is quite solid - perhaps too solid for some since the Acer AS6935G's total weight is almost 3.3kg. The top deck has a mock-patterned steel texture that extends over the trackpad itself, lending an interesting feel to finger-mousing.

Acer has fitted the Acer AS6935G with a glossy 16:9 widescreen display, but the resolution is limited to 1,366x768, which is unusually low for a 16in screen. In fact, the screen quality is one of the poorest of the Blu-ray models tested, with a slightly milky, washed out picture. Sound quality from the speakers mounted just beyond the keyboard is better, providing a warm sound with relatively good mid-band detail and smooth treble.

To play Blu-ray films, Acer includes in the Acer AS6935G its Arcade Deluxe PlayMovie, a badged version of CyberLink software. Navigating its onscreen display is hardly an intuitive process, but it gets the job done.

Put through its paces in our Test Centre, the Acer AS6935G gave a sterling performance in the WorldBench 6 real-world benchmark test, earning 98 points, putting it squarely in the premier league for raw speed.

With the help of its nVidia 9600 graphics card, the Acer AS6935G played our regular FEAR game test at Maximum quality settings with a useful 29 frames per second. Less impressive was the battery life, reported by the MobileMark 2007 productivity test as just over two and a half hours.


The Acer AS6935G is a fast and powerful machine with some trendy styling touches that will appeal to a more youthful audience. Its main shortcomings are a short battery life and less than accurate display quality.