As Intel's Santa Rosa chipset offers benefits such as improved battery life and the ability to connect to draft-n wireless network it makes sense for Acer to incorporate it into one of their compact notebooks - the Acer Aspire 4920 Gemstone.

The Acer Aspire 4920 Gemstone also displays the same Gemstone design as the less portable Aspire 5920 we reviewed earlier this year.

Like the Aspire 5920, the Acer Aspire 4920 Gemstone is a black clamshell laptop that looks sophisticated from the outside. Despite being made of smudge-prone material, the lid feels secure and protects the screen well.

However, even though it is pleasant to type with the Acer Aspire 4920 Gemstone's grayish keyboard, it's not very attractive. Similarly, the Acer Aspire 4920 Gemstone's track pad may be large but is slow to respond.

Web-chatting is facilitated by an integrated CrystalEye webcam, and we like the Acer Aspire 4920 Gemstone's media playback control buttons. There's also a button that launches Acer Arcade Deluxe, which includes HomeMedia to play files from your home media server and DVDivine for burning DVDs.

Also featuring Dolby Home Theatre surround-sound, the Acer Aspire 4920 Gemstone performs well as an entertainment and multimedia laptop. There are also dedicated buttons to enable Bluetooth and wireless LAN and launch the web browser or email application.

Although it isn't the most powerful gaming system, the Acer Aspire 4920 Gemstone is equipped with an ATI Mobility Radeon X2400 graphics card with 256MB of dedicated RAM. However we were less than impressed by the mediocre FEAR games score of only 16 frames per second (fps). Battery life in use is also a rather meagre 87 minutes, making us doubt the wonders of the Santa Rosa platform.

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