What is it?

A USB powered, over-the-ear gaming headset made exclusively for the PS3 and PC.


  • Discrete volume controls for game audio and chat audio makes it easy to customise your sound levels to your liking.
  • Flexible mic is easily adjustable and does a good job of picking up your voice.
  • Large ear cups offer decent comfort (see Cons list below, though).
  • Audio performance is good, and the "mic monitor" feature which lets you hear your own voice through the ear phones is useful.
  • Included audio adapter is designed as a passthrough so you can plug in a second set of composite cables if needed.


  • USB connection is convenient, but audio output for the PS3 is actually handled by an adapter which plugs standard composite cables into your TV's audio out.
  • Some gamers, especially those who wear glasses, may find the ear cup design (they're designed to provide a hollow space which surrounds your ears instead of padding which cradles them) uncomfortable to wear for long stretches, though this is a common issue for a lot of headsets.
  • Wired connections mean extra clutter in your game room.

Is it worth buying?

If you play a lot of games online, then a good headset can be a lifesaver, and the P11 is a good wired alternative for PS3 and PC gamers.

The discrete game and chat volume controls are a nice feature, and it provides decent audio and voice performance. The technical limitation that requires you to connect an adapter to your TV's audio out for PS3 use is a bit of a bummer, but that's the reality of the technology they chose to use (wired USB vs wireless Bluetooth).

The good news is that it means you can use the P11's for other uses, like watching movies or even as just a standard pair of headphones for your Xbox 360 (you will need to plug it into a USB port to provide power, and it won’t provide voice chat capabilities).


There are plenty of other options out there for both PS3 and PC gamers to consider, but the P11's offer good performance at a price point that is fairly competitive for the feature set they provide.