With the Shure SE110 in-ear headphones, Shure has borrowed technology from its years of creating products for working musicians. This means you can expect a high standard of music playback and accuracy.

Shure's solutions are always worth looking at once you've decided on your price range and, at around £70, the Shure SE110 won't break the bank.

In the Shure SE110's box you get the earphones, a soft canvas carrying case and three sets (small, medium, and large) of both foam and soft flexible plastic sleeves. You get to choose between either type and then fit the size of sleeve that is best suited to your ear. Once you get the size right, the company promises the earphones will screen out 90 percent of ambient noise.

We agree. With the Shure SE110 in place you won't hear anything, not even that screeching, beeping car careering toward you while you cross the road oblivious while singing along to your favourite tune. Despite the road safety risk, they're comfortable to wear.

However, rockers and hip-hoppers alike may be a little disappointed by the bass on the Shure SE110; while the treble and mid-range are beautifully balanced, the bass response is a little more limited. This doesn't mean they're no good – far from it, the Shure SE110 offer great sound clarity, at the expense of slightly muffled bass.

If you're a Kate Nash fan you'll love them – the Shure SE110 are great for pop and top-end heavy indie music. Acoustic music gets a little extra warmth. With this in mind, it's clear Shure has developed the SE110 to appeal to a mass market, presumably hoping more demanding or picky music fans will invest in one of the more expensive models in the range.


If you're hunting for good-quality headphones in this price range, then you should add these to your shortlist. Although it is worth noting that the better-sounding SE210 (the next in the range) are competitively priced in comparison to this set if you shop around for the best deal (we found them for £64, but the RRP is much higher). Keep an eye on the Shure SE110 though - if they fall in price they will become an instant bargain.