Despite the 'Pro' tag, Sennheiser's HD 212 Pro costs just under £40 – a bargain for a set of headphones delivering such good quality sound.

The HD 212 Pro is a good, lightweight set of earphones, with a padded headband, so they're very comfortable to wear. The closed-cup earpieces swivel too, so they cover your ears very well. At this price, it's no surprise that the headphones aren't truly noise-cancelling, but the close-fitting headphones do a perfectly acceptable job of blocking out some of the background noise around you.

Sennheiser says that the earpieces are also detachable, though we couldn't see how to do this. There's no mention on the packaging, and we didn't want to risk breaking them so didn't try removing the earpieces in the end.

The sound quality is excellent, given the headphone's relatively low price. According to Sennheiser there's a "slight emphasis on the bass" and this approach works really well. Instead of rattling your skull with overpowered bass, the HD 212 Pro boosts the bass just enough to add a bit of depth and warmth to the overall sound quality.


It's hard to complain about negative aspects of the HD 212 Pro, given that the headphones provide such good quality for just £40.