The Sennheiser CX 200 Street II earphones offer a way to buy into a quality brand without breaking the bank. These entry level earphones don't compromise on sound, build, comfort or looks and prove an affordable alternative to Apple's own iconic white earphones.

Styled for comfort, the CX 200 Street II earphones come with a choice of three different ear adapters in small, medium and large. It's worth experimenting with these even if you’re a good friend of Noddy to secure a good fit.

Sound is impressive, especially considering the price, with rich detailed musical reproduction and decent treble and bass. Speech and FM radio faired well also, while the earphones offer a frequency response of 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz.

The earphones promise passive noise cancelling, or what Sennheiser calls "high passive attenuation of ambient noise," which blocks some of the daily din out without removing it completely. The design means your body’s functions, down to feet pounding on pavements, can be amplified a little, which may prove a distraction for some.

Build is decent enough but not as solid or sturdy as more expensive models from Sennheiser. A good length cable - 1.2 m - may prove a little long for some but we found it just about right.


These budget CX 200 Street II earphones from Sennheiser offer real value for money especially if you shop around, online they can be found for less than half the SRP. Quality sound, looks and fit helps set the Sennheiser's apart from many similarly priced and entry level earphones.