For starters, the Samsung SBH700 earbuds were too big - the package lacks alternative bud sizes - and the squarish hooks did not sit properly over the curve of my ears.

In addition, the Samsung SBH700's headband, which wraps around the back of the user's neck, felt heavy and imparted a sagging sensation. After wearing the headset for a while, our ears simply felt fatigued.

Tunes sounded good, with nice overall brightness and adequate bass. Phone conversations over the Samsung SBH700 came through loud and clear on my end.

The parties on the receiving end said that they could hear me just fine, but that we sounded a tad muffled. There were no complaints about echoes or instances of our voice breaking up. The Samsung SBH700 did pick up kids' yelps and background music, but they weren't terribly distracting.

We were surprised at how well the calls and tunes held up during our range tests. With many Bluetooth headsets of this class we noticed some crackling as we approached the 33ft limit, but with the Samsung SBH700 headphones, we encountered no interference.

The call button and the play/pause button are located on the top of the left and right earpieces, respectively; we got a feel for them quickly enough. But the volume and track-skipping controls are inconveniently housed on the underside of the Samsung SBH700 headband (at the back of the neck).


The red-and-silver Samsung SBH700 looks stylish and sporty, but its good looks and satisfactory audio quality are outweighed by its subpar comfort and design. The headphones were too uncomfortable and the controls were too inaccessible for the SBH700 to be a viable accessory.