What is it?

A pair of in-ear earbuds with a single button, inline mic for voice comms. A standard 3.5mm connection means it'll work as a headset for PCs and smartphones, and as a pair of earbuds for any device that features that connection (DSi, PSP, portable DVD player, MP3 player, etc).


  • Oval shaped ear tips ensures a snug fit that helps maximise the sound profile and helps eliminate external noise.
  • Provides better than average audio performance (see Cons for note on bass performance).
  • Inline mic performs well, doing a good job of picking up your voice. Single push button functionality to start and end calls when used with a cell phone is much appreciated.
  • Overall design is attractive.



  • While it offers good bass response, we wish it was a bit fuller and more robust.
  • Ear buds aren't clearly labeled, so there is some confusion as to which one goes in which ear (though remembering that the mic is attached to the right earpiece helps).
  • Doesn't work with consoles, which limits its appeal. The inclusion of an adapter to make it work with an Xbox 360 controller would have been sweet.
  • Price tag is a bit high (you can find it for cheaper than the MSRP if you shop around, however).

Is it worth buying?

Klipsch has a solid reputation built on a history of quality products, and the ProMedia headset acquitted itself well during our informal testing. iPhone owners who use their iPhones as an all in one device (calls, gaming, MP3s) will definitely appreciate it, as will PC gamers who don't want to wear a bulky headset.


If you’re planning on buying a 3DS or Sony’s NGP, this will fill in nicely for any pack-in earphones they throw into the box, and considering some of the more advanced features found on those next gen portables, the inline mic will no doubt come in handy.