Boasting great sound, comfort and style, the Denon AH-C710 headphones cost a hefty price.

Denon has built a deserved reputation for great sounding audio products aimed at those who care how the music they listen to is reproduced. The newly launched Denon AH-C710 earphones build on that status despite some misgivings.

Earphones can be a compromise, as they aim to fit a whole symphony of sound into two small ear canals. Mostly used on the move, earphones also need cope with the hubbub of every day life, while ensuring you're not adding to the noise.

The Denon AH-C710 earphones offer discerning listeners a way to combat both the limitations of some music files and the distractions all around you with outstanding acoustics and an excellent noise cancelling ergonomic design.

The moldable soft foam earpieces, complete with three sizes - S/M/L - of silicon ear pads, offer a snug fit. This helps ensure you can listen to music and speech at lower levels, should you wish, and with a level of detail lost with some earphones or even headphones. Sound reproduction, including speech, is exceptional, and the Denon AH-C710 earphones are a pleasure on the ears and exceedingly comfortable.

The big question here is whether you can justify spending £140 on earphones. That's more than the iPod shuffle or iPod nano. Funds permitting, the answer lies in the range and quality of music you listen to and for how long. If your musical tastes begin and end with a bit of banging techno, then you should be well served by Apple's own iconic white earphones. If, however, you're serious about your listening pleasures then these Denon AH-C710 earphones are a great, if hefty, investment.

Denon makes much of the 'radial cascade damper', which promises to reduce cable transmitted vibration noise; as well as the 'acoustic optimiser' and 'hybrid material driver housing' made from elastomer and carved solid aluminium. While these are tricky to fully quantify, tests proved distortion free with clear and detailed playback. The Denon AH-C710 earphones come in a choice of black or silver complete with extension lead, cable clip and a rather nifty carry case with cable-management facility to keep all in order when not in use.


These latest Denon earphones are a premium product right down to the packaging and presentation. Their real value however, depends on your willingness to spend good money on something that also requires you to invest wisely in the music you listen to. If you're willing to make that investment then the Denon AH-C710 are positively priceless.