A pair of standard earbuds with "dual driver technology" that promises deeper bass. "Rumble-ear vibration feedback" also provides a vibration effect for a "true 3D gaming experience."


  • It's a decent pair of standard earbuds that provides a serviceable acoustic experience.
  • It does produce more bass than I've experienced from standard pair of earbuds (but see the cons list).


  • The standard earbud design means it sits uncomfortably on the outer ear canal.
  • This also means the bass doesn't penetrate the way it does with a pair of in-ear earbuds or a good set of over the ear headphones.
  • The rumble effect is also disconcerting, as the earbuds literally vibrate. This really does nothing but result in your ears being tickled.
  • The price is fairly high for earbuds, especially since the product can't compete with other products in the same price range.

Is it worth buying?

In its current form, no. I think the idea is solid (more bass is always a good thing) and the dual driver tech has some promise, but they really need to rethink a few fundamental design ideas. If they can do an in-ear design, that would help better transfer the bass into the ear canal.

They also need to strip out the rumble feature, as it actively detracts from the experience (though the rumble might actually be the source of the bass). I tried it out with a variety of games and music, and had to pull them out after a few minutes due to the tickling.


There are far better options to spend $50 on, so I'm going to suggest you pass on these for now, but if they can figure out how to deliver more bass without tickling your ears, I'd be inclined to give them another shot.