The AirJax + Microphone earphones offer amazing audio quality and style. They come at a price, but are certainly worthy of your hard-earned cash.

We were really impressed with these earphones right from the start. They feature a fabric-weaved cable, feel sturdy and well made and, according to Atomic Floyd, are handcrafted in metal including AcousticSteel (which is ultra-thin metal), titanium and 24k gold.

The microphone for using AirJax with an iPhone (or BlackBerry) is a flat metal plate about 5mm thick that sits around level with your sternum.

Removable metal loops allow the AirJax to be worn in different ways; the loops slot in and out of the main ear pieces, converting them from humble ear buds to sporting earphones. The audio quality is superb. Mid-range sounds are audible and clear at all times, bass is spot on with no weak points or overpowering booming at higher volume levels. Treble is not muffled or compromised for the sake of other properties.

The main downside is that the AirJax are only compatible with iPhone, iPod, Skype and BlackBerry devices.


The AirJax was a pleasure to test. If you want a pair of great earphones, that really delivers amazing audio quality, then consider forking out a little extra cash to buy this excellent product.