There are two models, the Vexia Econav 350 UK, with a 3.5in screen, plus a larger 4.5in version. Both come in either UK & Ireland or Europe flavours. Maps are supplied by TeleAtlas while Vexia's own On-Road 2008 software provides the pleasingly clean interface. There are too many options for such a small screen, however.

The Vexia Econav 350 UK works by calculating how much fuel you'll need, based on time of day for likely amount of traffic on the road, and whether there's a faster, more direct route to get you to your destination. A traffic-light system lets you know whether you should be in a different gear. You need to enter your vehicle's make, model, engine size and number of passengers.

When you enter destinations by postcode or placename, you don't need to switch between a screen of alphabetical characters, and a numbers and symbols. Addresses get stored automatically, by city or town rather than a heading of your choosing. Calculating routes takes forever and the Vexia Econav 350 UK doesn't always want to take you anywhere at all. Sometimes, we pressed Details and were soon underway; other times we had to re-enter our route for it to calculate over again.

We tried the Vexia Econav 350 UK on other journeys; again, finding issues with the interface and struggling to discern any benefit from the ‘green' routing features. In fact, whether we actually saved any fuel is moot, since we frequently had to return to reading a map.


The idea of calculating best journey and fuel economy with the Vexia Econav 350 UK seems sound. But we found the 3.5in display cluttered and confusing. Onboard processing was so slow, we found basic functions inadequate and got in the way. Ultimately, we were inclined not to use this device at all.