For its first foray into 4K, Sony bucked the trend for wimpy TV audio by introducing a panel flanked by forward-firing drivers and unapologetic amplification.

For this second iteration, the Sony KD-65X9005B, Sony has similarly snubbed cookie-cutter flatness, using its new signature wedge cabinet to enhance audio. The result is unquestionably the best sounding flatscreen we've ever heard.

Sony KD-65X9005B

Thankfully, the rest of TV is worth making a noise about too. And if a 65-incher is too much for you, you can go smaller with the 55-inch KD-55X9005B – or live it even larger with the 79-inch KD-79X9005B.

Connections include four HDMI, between them supporting ARC, MHL and HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz. There are also three USB, ethernet, SCART, component/composite video and stereo audio inputs. There's also integrated Wi-Fi and a digital audio optical output.

A port replicator is supplied to help with wall-mounting.
This PTR-BR100 port box requires its own power supply and has satellite and RF tuner inputs, plus USB and three HDMI sources. A tethered chord routes everything to a dedicated back-panel connection.

The set hides a Skype camera in the bezel, but this can be capped if you don't like the idea of the all-seeing eye recording you in your lounge. Less intrusive is an integrated HEVC decoder, which makes the set compliant with Netflix 4K.

Sony provides both a standard lightweight IR remote and a fiddly Bluetooth controller.

Sony has changed its panel supplier since last year, which has resulted in the return of Active Shutter 3D. Although not as comfortable or flicker-free as last year's Passive 4K offerings, 3D depth and clarity remains excellent. The set appears to work particularly well with side-by-side 3D broadcasts from the likes of Sky.

Sony KD-65X9005B

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