The Navman S30 3D is the entry-level model in Navman's new range of personal navigation devices. It has a 3.5in display which, after having used the larger 4.3in widescreen models, we found a little cramped. This is particularly so as the default settings include some usefully large onscreen icons that take up quite a margin on the left and right. The other two models in the new range are both larger-screened, however, so this is less likely to be an issue on either the S50 or S70 3D.

The other main difference with the S30 3D is that it comes with UK and Ireland maps but none of central Europe. You can buy these as an SD card add-on, along with a TMC real-time traffic receiver module, if you wish.

The 3D range is the first fruit of Navman’s buyout by Mio and its parent company Mitac. The two formerly rival satnav brands have now aligned their products, with the Navman name and line-up being retained in the UK, while the underlying technology and software is shared between the two. The most notable difference between the old Navman and the new Navman kit is that it comes with a chunkier cigarette lighter connector.

The black and silver design of the unit itself is the same and you get the same clear TeleAtlas maps with an indication of which way and which exit you’ll be taking next and how far it is until the turning.

At the top right is an indicator for how many more miles you’ll be staying on the same road, along with the name of that road. We decided the name of the road you’re currently traveling along would seem a more logical piece of information to provide. The centre of the screen shows the road you’re on and your progress along it in a thick green line while roads you pass and that are within the display area are in a subdued grey with thinner lines.