The Linksys WRT150N occupies the budget end of the draft-n router market.

This model lacks the exotic 'paddle' antennae of its upmarket brethren and uses just a pair of Mimo aerials. Nor is its maximum network speed on a par with more expensive draft n devices. Despite what it says on the box, the Linksys WRT150N is draft-n-2.0 certified, but we had to update the firmware on ours.

You don't get gigabit wired networking either, just Fast Ethernet and there are no parental controls on this 'home' router. Curiously, Linksys doesn't sell a companion network adapter for the Linksys WRT150N and you have to pair it with the relatively expensive WPC300N PC card adapter, for example.

The Linksys WRT150N includes all the latest security features you'd expect to see, including 128bit encryption; WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA-PSK2; SPI and NAT firewalls; and VPN pass-through.

You can set up access rules by date and time or by MAC address. You can filter websites by keywords or IP addresses. Sophisticated internet access policies offer fine control – which kind of belies the Linksys WRT150N 'home' label – these are features that can be put to good use on business networks.

The Linksys WRT150N is largely self-configuring – in the time it took renew the PC's IP address, it had worked out the settings required and had us back online again. Linksys doesn't appear to have changed the web user interface (UI) of the router it's been using for the past few years.

Nevertheless, the Linksys WRT150N is still one of the easier to use examples of this genre. A top-mounted 'padlock' button marked 'Reserved' seems imply that a one-touch security setup will one day be available for the Linksys WRT150N – but not right now.


The Linksys WRT150N is a well-specified budget router. It's a good choice for those who want the range benefits of draft-n but don't need the other features – or the extra expense.