At £399 the Garmin nüvi 865T is not cheap but it comes with loads of features including a traffic antenna and support for voice-dialling and navigation via its Bluetooth integration.

We found the Garmin nüvi 865T easy to set up and its touchscreen sensitive to even the lightest of touches. Garmin must have fitted it with a fast processor as it quickly found addresses we entered. We were able to search by postcode, city or street name.

Numbers and letters of the alphabet are presented on the same screen, so you don't need to switch between them. Route calculation on the Garmin nüvi 865T is swift, as was recalculation when we deviated from its directions.

With the Garmin nüvi 865T you get around 30 seconds of visual and audible warning of an impending junction, along with clear onscreen information about which lane you need to be in.

Locations and routes you frequently travel can be stored in the Garmin nüvi 865T's favourites menu and we liked being able to switch between the fastest or shortest option and to add a ‘detour'.

Garmin also lets you customise the Garmin nüvi 865T's display, from the style of map and the marker that identifies your vehicle, to the brightness of the screen.

Any points of interest can also be switched on or off and it's possible to search by POIs nearby - ideal if you need to find local shops, restaurants or recreation options. A Where am I function' displays the co-ordinates of your current exact location along with nearest hospitals, petrol stations and the nearest junction .

One of the biggest draws of the Garmin nüvi 865T over other Garmin models is voice control. To use it you must attach a special module to the steering wheel. Press the big button on the module and a green icon on the satnav unit indicates that voice is active. To switch back to standard mode you press the small button on the module.

By saying "Where to" and a place name we were able to specify a destination - the device understood our voice easily and displayed a number of options for Bexley in Kent: Bexley, Bexley Village and Bexleyheath. We then just had to specify the number located next to it.

Note, however, that the voice-control function isn't sensitive enough to work when you have the radio or music playing.

Other features on the Garmin nüvi 865T include a music player that allowed us to transfer MP3s the device and listen to them, as well as games, a calculator, currency convertor and an alarm clock.


The Garmin nüvi 865T of plenty of functions but wit a hefty price tag, you’ll need to ensure you’ll use them regularly to get value for money from the device.