The Garmin Nuvi 610 satnav is an unassuming but well-featured GPS device.

Our test model included the £20 RoadTour add-on pack for Garmin satnavs - a £20 add-on that aims to sate your curiosity about the heritage locations, pubs and restaurants you pass on your travels.

We installed RoadTour on a Garmin Nuvi 610 satnav – an unassuming but well-featured device. It's a 4.3in widescreen affair housed in a smart silver casing.

A GPS status indicator gives an onscreen alert message if contact is weak and tells you if it's been lost completely. However, you have to select the country, town and more before the device will perform a search for a destination.

We couldn't simply feed the Garmin Nuvi 610 a postcode.

Icons to select onscreen items are large enough for user accuracy and directions are clear. We weren't enamoured of the bright pink wibbly line that the Garmin Nuvi 610 uses to indicate the direction to take, but there's no argument about how clear this made things.

Within the Garmin Nuvi 610's Travel Kit are useful menus for Food and Lodgings, specific addresses, favourites, cities (places very near by) and Recently Found. Extras include the obligatory MP3, photo viewer, world clock and Audible Book Player.


The Garmin Nuvi 610 satnav was slower and less responsive than some we've tried, but it covers all bases, feature-wise and is a solid model.