FarmVille Goji Berry Cherry Slurpee review

Once again, reporter AJ Glasser places her taste buds on the line in the name of discovery. This week's challenge at the local 7-Eleven is the FarmVille-themed Goji Berry Cherry Slurpee. A match made in flavor heaven, or a crash-and-burn sugar rush waiting to happen?

Fruits of your labour

The FarmVille Goji Berry Cherry Slurpee is easily one of the better flavour mixes out there. It blends the classic cherry standby flavour I've been guzzling since time out of mind with the more sophisticated "hipster" fruit, goji berry (a.k.a. wolfberry). Because goji berries are more savoury than sweet (the real thing has a nut-like flavor), it tones down the sugary cherry sensation for a mellow sip.

Fruits of your labourThe FarmVille Slurpee campaign goes farther than flavor, however, and this is where I find fault with the product. There's just too much required of you, the drinker, to cash in on the contest. Each sturdy Slurpee cup (seriously, this thing could probably survive the top shelf of your dishwasher more than twice) has a code to enter at The site redirected me to because I didn't want to sign up for a Slurpee Nation account. Once there, I had to enter the code again and then choose within which Zynga game I wanted to redeem my prize: Mafia Wars, FarmVille, or YoVille. I followed instructions and visited my farm via Facebook to find my gift. It turned out to be a sheep-water slide worth 750 gold coins.

Apparently, the prizes don't stop there. If I redeem four to seven more codes and complete one of three Zynga tasks (each game specific), I could one of three UBERgifts for the game of my choosing. In the case of FarmVille, I could win 200 Farm Cash, roughly $34 worth, which is way more than $13 I'd spend on eight FarmVille Slurpees total to get the prize.

Here's the catch: the FarmVille Zynga task takes work. I have to plant the special goji berry crop enough times to achieve level 3 crop mastery and drink all five to eight Slurpees to get enough codes for the 200 Farm Cash. Luckily, one Slurpee code gets me access to the crop, so I can get started on the task right away. But at 15 gold coins a pop with a 16 hour growth rate, I have to ask somebody who's good at math, is it really worth the $34 UBERgift?


Honestly, I'm just happy to sip the $1.60 Slurpee and not have any jarring reactions along my GI tract. The part where I get a cute cup out of the deal makes it worth it, and I'll stop at the sheep water slide.

Score: 2 hours slurping time