The EyeTV Hybrid is a Mac-only TV tuner with versatile software that accepts both analogue and digital TV signals.

It's a little pricey, coming in at almost £100, but the EyeTV Hybrid is one of the most versatile TV tuner products currently available for Apple Macs.

It's called ‘hybrid' as it can receive and record both conventional analogue TV channels and the range of Freeview digital terrestrial channels. This means that you can use the EyeTV Hybrid to watch analogue TV in areas where the digital reception isn't very good (which, unfortunately, still includes a fair chunk of the UK).

The EyeTV Hybrid also includes a special ‘breakout' cable that allows you to connect it to the composite or S-Video output from other types of devices, such as a VCR so that you can convert old video tapes into digital format.


There may be cheaper TV tuners available for the Mac, but the EyeTV Hybrid's range of input options is hard to beat. But remember - it doesn't work with Windows computers.