The D-Link DKT-810 bundle comprises the DSL-2740B router plus the DWA-140 Draft N USB adaptor, which goes some way to explaining the high asking price for this pair.

The D-Link DKT-810 is a clean-looking device, with a trio of stubby Mimo antennae and four Fast Ethernet wired ports. It supports ADSL2+ and so is capable of delivering 24 megabits per second (Mbps) broadband connections.

It is covered by an unusually lengthy 11-year warranty.

Many D-Link products are Wi-Fi Draft 2.0 certified but, while the DWA-140 is certified, the DSL-2740B isn't.

Regarding ease of use, the DSL-2740B is a mixed bag. Unusually, you use a CD-ROM-based wizard to set up the device (and not one based in the routers firmware). But the D-Link DKT-810 works well enough. The status LEDs on the front are tiny and hard to read from a distance. Another bonus is that this unit actually has an on/off switch.

The D-Link interface continues to mature and the D-Link DKT-810 has the best D-Link UI we've clapped eyes on. There's an online help feature too.

Less impressively, we discovered the default setting of the SPI firewall is 'Off' which is probably unwise. However, parental controls are comprehensive – you can, for example, create black and white lists of URL addresses.

The router is fully featured but configuration can be arcane in the extreme: making sense of the QoS settings is 'challenging'. Once again, if you turn QoS on, Draft N goes off.

Performance was decent, with good range and no worse a drop-off in performance than you might expect with Wi-Fi once you start moving away from the router.


The lack of gigabit wired ports is drawback and many people will be put off by the high recommended selling price. Otherwise the D-Link DKT-810 bundle is a very capable combo, but is best suited to someone who knows their way around a network.