The Buffalo WZR-AG300NH is a top-notch draft-n wireless router that's been severely beaten by the ugly stick - and a tacky one at that.

That's where the criticism largely ends, though. The Buffalo WZR-AG300NH is a dual-band draft-n router and comes closest to realising the promise of 802.11n – albeit at a price.

This router broadcasts in both in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and because the 5GHz band is far less noisy, the Buffalo WZR-AG300NH supports better reliability and improved wireless speeds.

A minor bonus accrues because of this - the Buffalo WZR-AG300NH also supports 802.11a as well as b and g. To make full use of its dual-band capabilities you'll definitely need a dual-band PC Card or USB adaptor at the other end, which will set you back about £60.

Although similar Buffalo routers are Draft 2.0 certified, sadly the Buffalo WZR-AG300NH, the premium model, is not.

The Buffalo WZR-AG300NH sports a fearsome-looking rotor-sized trio of Mimo antennae though, to be fair, the free-standing array can be clipped to the top of the router if you stand it on edge (just make sure it doesn't hover).

The spec of the Buffalo WZR-AG300NH is well thought-through, so features four wired Gigabit ports plus a choice of automated security setup. You can choose between Buffalo's proprietary AOSS or you can opt for the standards-based Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Once again, setup is performed via the CD. This worked well but Buffalo software always looks scrimped to us. Even so, online help is good.

One trick we'd not seen before is the Buffalo WZR-AG300NH's ability to toggle between router and access-point mode. The physical switch lets the device either act as just a switch and access point, or provide wireless access and all routing features, such as NAT, DHCP and port-forwarding services. You get WMM support (not for draft n) and IPv6 support. Basic QoS support is provided for eight apps and no more.


Probably the best draft n router on the market, despite the fact it's only draft 1.0-compliant. The Buffalo WZR-AG300NH offers great performance and functionality – but at an eye-watering price. At this price it ought to be certified.