Belkin's clip-on USB hub does what it says on the tin: it clips on to your desk and allows you to plug four USB devices into your PC. There's a single input and a power input for high-power activities.

The design is simple and unobtrusive, if somewhat plasticky and cheap-feeling - and the clip itself is actually slightly inflexible and impractical if your desk-edge isn't of a standard thickness.

And we've got a few reservations about the entire idea of the product: we can't see any great advantage to being able to clip the hub onto the desk. What's wrong with a simple unit that sits on your work surface? The Belkin can do this too, using its clip as a pair of feet, but it's extremely lightweight and less stable than a boxier equivalent would be.

Nonetheless, the preponderance of USB gadgets - something that's only likely to increase over the Christmas period - means that many techies will be short of a port or two, making this a not entirely unpleasing item to discover in your stocking. Even if we think most buyers would choose something either more basic and cheaper, or a little fancier (such as the sadly sold-out Armageddon USB Hub).

The Clip-On Hub is available from Amazon.


The Clip-On Hub seems a bit dear for such a simple product. But if you're desperately short of ports and like its one gimmick – attaching your hub to a convenient bit of desk – this could be the right purchase for you.