ViewSonic pulled out all the stops when designing the VX2235wm. Its shiny black livery and curvy detailing are showstoppers, even if there's a slightly disturbing hint of PVC about the ViewSonic VX2235wm's finish.

Thankfully the ViewSonic VX2235wm's styling hasn't taken precedence over functionality: the ViewSonic VX2235wm is pretty practical, featuring integrated 2.5W stereo speakers, both DVI and VGA inputs and a properly thought-out rear design, featuring catches to reel in extraneous cable lengths.

The ViewSonic VX2235wm is a 16:10 widescreen 22in model, and its 1,680x1,050 resolution will seem lavish to anyone trading up from a smaller display. The screen stands quite tall, and we were surprised to find that ViewSonic includes no provision for height-adjustment. Nor are there any USB ports, and anyone with normal-sized fingernails will find the ViewSonic VX2235wm's menu buttons fiddly to use.

This is a shame, because the onscreen menu is one of the more comprehensive ones we looked at, and the ViewSonic VX2235wm is one of the few screens to offer Kelvin white point temperature presets click here as well as customisable user settings. The ViewSonic VX2235wm's menu also offers a selection of picture modes to enhance games and films.

The ViewSonic VX2235wm isn't quite as bright as the 300 candela per m2 models in the 22in category, but it boasts the same 700:1 contrast ratio and 5ms response time as the rest of the pack.

Overall, the ViewSonic VX2235wm fared favourably against the competition, producing bright, crisp colour definition and even distribution and it dealt effortlessly with our game and video tests. The ViewSonic VX2235wm easily earns itself a PC Advisor Recommended rosette.


The ViewSonic VX223wm features fiddly controls, but strong in all other departments, from crisp visuals and eyecatching looks to a helpful menu setup.