The ViewSonic VG1930wm is a widescreen monitor that runs at a native resolution of 1,440x900. It isn’t the most exciting-looking screen, but it makes up for this in terms of practicality.

Generous amounts of screen tilting and height adjustment capability allow you to position the monitor for comfortable eye-level viewing. The ViewSonic VG1930wm has loops to help you stash extraneous cable, too – a helpful, considerate inclusion.

Unfortunately, the ViewSonic VG1930wm's practical streak doesn’t extend to the inclusion of any useful USB ports, but there is a twin input for both DVI and VGA. You also get an audio line-in to power the integrated stereo 1.5W speakers.

The ViewSonic VG1930wm boasts the same healthy brightness levels as the LG Fantasy L1900J-BF and matches the contrast ratios of the squarer competition. The ViewSonic VG1930wm's 5ms pixel response time is also highly impressive and should stand you in good stead when running the latest frenetic games and watching films.

Visuals are thoroughly impressive, the ViewSonic VG1930wm providing rich colour saturation and good definition – even in the darker tones. Viewing angles were also pretty good and these, along with the solid brightness, decent contrast and fast pixel response times, make the ViewSonic VG1930wm a solid choice.


Impressive performance, features and specs; but the ViewSonic VG1930wm looks a bit boring.