The Sony DPF-D80 is an 8in digital photo frame which supports an array of media card options.

The Sony DPF-D80 rocks Sony's sleek design sense. This 8in picture frame is shiny and black, while the screen is matte, and button labels and the Sony logo are backlit. (If you want to, you can disable the light behind the logo.)

The unit feels solid and well-constructed, and it fits right in next to other techie gadgets on your desk. We tested the black 8in version of the Sony DPF-D80; this model also comes in 7in, 9in, and 10in versions, and in white and red variations.

You navigate the Sony DPF-D80 via five buttons along the back of the screen's right side. We found the menus easily navigated and nested logically, but it's neater to use the remote (we found it hard to use the buttons and leave no fingerprints behind).

Colour on the Sony DPF-D80's sharp 800-by-600 screen pops well, looks saturated, and showed no noticeable distortion in our tests. Like most frames, the D80 allows you to adjust brightness but not contrast or colour. Luckily, it presents colour quite accurately here.

The Sony DPF-D80's slideshow mode offers the usual transition effects, and allows you to either view images linearly or randomly shuffle them, a feature missing on many other digital frames we tested.

We ran slideshows off an SD Card with nested folders, and they played without a hitch. The Sony DPF-D80 accepts most media cards (MemoryStick, MemoryStick Duo, SD Card, MMC, CompactFlash, Microdrive, and xD-Picture Card; plus M2, miniSD, and MicroSD via an adapter).

It also has 256MB of internal memory. Unfortunately, the Sony DPF-D80 does not play video, though it does offer calendar and clock modes.


We liked the fact that the Sony DPF-D80 frame can handle large image files (up to 100MB) and, incidentally, is equipped to deal with 48-bit colour - whenever that standard hits the mass market, that is. Our only quibbles were with the price, which feels high considering its lack of extras (like video), and the proximity of the power button to the menu button.