The Samsung SyncMaster 940UX USB is a very decent screen in its own right. Sure, it is only 19in, but we found the image quality decent.

The Samsung SyncMaster 940UX USB's 1,000:1 contrast ratio (which can be boosted to 2,000:1) allows for a colourful image, while text is clear and precise.

You do get a height-adjustable stand and Pivot facilities thrown in as well, making the Samsung SyncMaster 940UX USB (apart from the lack of widescreen) one very nicely featured 19in.


You will have to pay an extra £20-£25 for the privilege, but the Samsung SyncMaster 940UX USB remains a very strong screen. The USB technology is great and allows for an extremely versatile setup that'll let you bolt on new screens far into the future. We think multiple-monitors ought to be far more popular than they are. With the launch of products like this, it can only be a matter of time before this situation is rectified.