With an anti-glare screen, the Samsung SyncMaster 245T has a thin, shiny, black bezel with clearly marked buttons right on the front, right bottom of the screen.

There are many connection options to choose from, including DVI, HDMI, Component, VGA and S-Video. The Samsung SyncMaster 245T supports picture-in-picture and a technology called Motion Picture Acceleration (MPA) that is supposed to improve movie viewing on the display. The monitor also sports a built-in four port USB 2.0 hub.

When we connected the display to a 2.66GHz Apple Mac Pro, the Samsung SyncMaster 245T booted into its correct, native 1,920-by1,200 resolution. Unfortunately, the display was overly bright, whites had a bluish tint, and blacks looking gray.

Using our Eye-One Display calibrator, we were able to get the Samsung SyncMaster 245T looking much better. Once calibrated, text was sharp and legible, even at tiny point sizes. Our standard colour test photo looked great, with bright and pleasing colours, and there was no drastic colour shifts when looking at the screen from the sides, only a gradual loss of contrast.

The Samsung SyncMaster 245T's 6ms pixel response time should be fast enough for gaming and keeping up with fast-moving action movie scenes. We didn't see any problems in our testing, and we were also not able to notice any difference between the scenes with Motion Picture Acceleration active and inactive.


Despite its washed out default settings, the Samsung SyncMaster 245T, after calibration was a very good all around performer. Its wealth of input options, flexible stand and its sleek, black design make it a good fit for those looking for a monitor that can handle both clean, legible text documents as well as the latest Hollywood blockbuster.