The classy Samsung SM2243BW is a 22in flatpanel monitor encased in a simple but pleasingly curved frame with a sleek silver finish. It will look just so in a well-appointed living room or office.

Helpfully, the Samsung SM2243BW's screen height is adjustable, although the amount of travel isn't as great as on some panels. The limited clearance makes it trickier than it might be to spin it through 90 degrees, but at this price, pivot features are a rarity.

The other design elements of the well-priced Samsung SM2243BW screen are simply adequate. You get RGB and DVI connections, but there's no HDMI or USB ports.

Samsung has substituted menu buttons for touch-sensitive sensors hidden behind the labels. At first it feels a little strange to be constantly dabbing at the Samsung SM2243BW screen, but the setup works reasonably well in practice. The menu options are unlit, though, so the touchscreen controls could prove a problem when the lights are off.

This is a shame, as many useful features are tucked away behind the Samsung SM2243BW's menu. In particular, Samsung's proprietary MagicColor (which adds a sudden injection of brightness to your pictures) and MagicBright (which offers an extensive range of colour modes) tools are perfect for fine-tuning the picture to perfection.

This last one is very important, since the Samsung SM2243BW's capabilities are boosted through the versatility of its colour palette. Viewing angles are a problem, but provided you're sitting directly in front of the screen, working with fine text or trying to pick out the different shades in a colour image is very viable.

Aside from the inability to operate the touchsensitive menus in the dark, the Samsung SM2243BW's biggest drawback is its lack of availability. Stocks are beginning to run low, but hunt around and you should be able to find one available - and probably for a good deal less than our quoted price.


With a good colour palette and some impressive features, the Samsung SM2243BW is a worthy contender if you can find one for under £180.