Although it goes here under the rather modest model name of the SM-2232BW, this screen is actually part of Samsung's 'Pebble' range. We're not exactly sure why the range is called 'Pebble', but we do know that these are amongst the most attractive screens you can currently get at this price level.

The Samsung SM-2232BW has some exquisite curves, and while its stand took some time to set up (a bit of brute force is necessary – never a good thing when it comes to your shiny new monitor), the results are worth it.

The Samsung SM-2232BW, though, is far more than a pretty face. The ports and connectors may be minimal (just DVI, RGB and power), and the stand lacks such advanced features as Pivot and height adjustable stands, but there's nothing lightweight about the features set.

In fact, very few screens at this price can get anywhere near to the overall depth of the Samsung SM-2232BW.

The 1,000:1 contrast ratio is decent enough but, with the help of Dynamic Contrast, it can be boosted to 3,000:1. While this is no way equal to a true 3,000:1 contrast ratio, it does make for an extra level of colour and fizz that you're unlikely to get from an ordinary 1,000:1 flat-panel monitor. The Samsung SM-2232BW's also well-honed when it comes to response rates, and the 2ms figure (Grey-To-Grey) results in an almost flawless ability to refresh the screen smoothly.

Viewing angles of 170 degrees are good too, and we noticed very little deterioration when moving around in front of the Samsung SM-2232BW.

But, as ever, the real test is how the screen actually looks. And, we're pleased to say, the Samsung SM-2232BW puts all of that juicy technology to excellent use, ripping through our graphics and text tests. It had few problems coping with DisplayMate, showing a reasonable level of uniformity, and a good depth of colour. The choice of MagicBright graphics modes are ideal for letting you tailor the display to your needs.


Samsung seems to have the drop on its competitors when it comes to flat-panel technology. This isn't the first top-calibre LCD monitor we've seen riding out of the Samsung stables, and the Samsung SM-2232BW is another excellent model that looks great in every sense.