Given NEC's big reputation in the world of displays, it's perhaps surprising to see the company unveil an LCD screen that's diminutive in terms of both dimensions and price tag. The NEC MultiSync LCD 1770NX is a rare beast these days: a 17in model.

The NEC MultiSync LCD 1770NX's petite screen is matched by a slim surround – the bezel width is just 13.6mm. Neither is it a widescreen display, which means you may already be crossing it off your list.

More positively, the NEC MultiSync LCD 1770NX's build quality is robust and the 110mm fitted stand is adjustable – the screen can be angled forward and back (-5 to 30 degrees), while a large wheel enables you to pivot the monitor any way you wish.

Given the small screen size, the NEC MultiSync LCD 1770NX's 800:1 contrast ratio can be excused, while the NEC boasts the industry-standard 16.7 million colours, both digital and analogue inputs and a screen brightness of 300cd/m2 that matches bigger screens. As you'd expect from such a small screen, the NEC's native resolution of 1,280x1,024 is low.

There's a mains-power switch at the back of the NEC MultiSync LCD 1770NX and an on/off button at the front, plus three further buttons and a flimsy joystick-style control at the front for tabbing through adjustment options. All of this could have been better integrated into the overall design.

The NEC MultiSync LCD 1770NX is aimed primarily at office users, so there are no optimised presets for gaming or watching films.

Still, it's quality that counts and the NEC MultiSync LCD 1770NX delivers a commendably sharp image at its default settings, requiring little manual alteration.

Watching films on the NEC MultiSync LCD 1770NX is a pleasure, with rich reds, greens and blues. Flesh tones appear healthy and warm without being unrealistic, while blacks are deep and velvety. Action sequences zipped by in fluid fashion – more smoothly, indeed, than we'd expected from the respectable 5ms refresh rate.

Photo viewing is similarly impressive, although images stretch slightly to fit the screen ratio when the NEC MultiSync LCD 1770NX is left on auto.


The NEC MultiSync LCD 1770NX is a capable if outwardly drab monitor. It's perhaps better suited to the office than home use.