If you want to feel like you’re getting a lot for your money then look no further than the NEC MultiSync EA294WMi 29in wide-aspect IPS LCD panel with LED backlight. At a shade under 10kg, it’s also arm-strainingly heavy but the advantage of the hulking great back panel is that it’s festooned with interfaces alongside the power supply.

There are sockets for DisplayPort, two DVI-D (one dual- link), HDMI/MHL, an analogue D-Sub VGA and a one-up, four-down USB hub.

The key features of the NEC panel is its handsome 2560 x 1080 resolution in a 21:9 aspect ratio, a 29in super widescreen.

It certainly gives plenty of space to run multiple apps alongside each other, even if it won’t win any style awards with its thick frame and chunky bevel.

With a very wide display you can run multiple apps at once with ease on the NEC 

Power-saving tricks include a sensor that put the panel into standby when it detects there’s no-one present. On standard consumption it draws typically 28W and on Eco Mode, a mere 18W. An ambient light sensor dynamically changes the brightness to suit the environment. The Eco mode is accessed through the on-screen menu (OSM), the controls of which are easy-to-use through touch-sensitive elements around the bottom right edge.

Looking at the screen with a pure black there was no appreciable light leak, while a white screen showed little darkening in the corners. The screen uniformity test showed the outsides of the display to be slightly brighter than the middle, except for the bottom left corner, with a maximum difference of 3.8% at 100% brightness and slightly more, 5.7% at 50% brightness.


Colour uniformity was very good, the biggest discrepency coming at 83% Brightness, along the top third with the middle showing a Delta-E of 4.9. Everything else was much lower. Colour accuracy overall gave an average Delta-E of 1.84 with the problem area being dark cyan colours at 4.72. Colour coverage results showed a slightly disappointing 99% sRGB coverage, 76% NTSC and 82% Adobe RGB. In the brightness test the panel could reach a high 365 cd/m2. Contrast ratio is advertised at 1000:1. In our tests, at 50% brightness it was 610:1 and at 100% a reasonable 680:1.