Originally aimed at gamers, the NEC MultiSync 20WGX2 Pro is a 20in LCD screen that's trying to get more mass-market interest. And it deserves to.

First impressions suggest there's nothing special about the NEC 20WGX2 Pro's design. With a thin silver bezel and black plastic hardware it's not trying to stand out, and the onscreen display (OSD) controls and buttons don't add to the effect.

But it's easy to forgive the NEC MultiSync 20WGX2 Pro's slightly awkward styling when it's powered up.

The 20in 1,680 x 1,050 S-IPS widescreen NEC MultiSync 20WGX2 Pro with glossy OptiClear coating provides impressive output for both static and moving images. The coating adds punch and saturation to the high-quality panel, and you can also switch in additional dynamic processing, which further enhances contrast.

The result is that blacks are deep and whites are brilliant. Colour linearity is also very good – in the NEC MultiSync 20WGX2 Pro's native mode there's very little deviation from a perfect straight line, with only a hint of a stepping at the very top of the brightness range.

We did see some subtle flicker from the backlight, but it's not clear if this was a review model fault or a side-effect of the dynamic enhancement – it shouldn't really be there, but it's not obvious in most applications.

The NEC MultiSync 20WGX2 Pro's mini-joystick OSD is also worth a mention. It's very much more accessible than the usual button maze, because you can intuitively scroll up, down and through menus. There are also standard quick-click buttons for source switching. It's not quite perfect, but it's a thoughtful and mostly successful attempt to make an OSD that works.

In terms of both technology and image quality there's a lot to like about the NEC MultiSync 20WGX2 Pro. It's around £100 more expensive than other 20in models, so it's worth asking if it's worth the extra money when you could get a reasonable 22in display for a similar price.

You won't usually get more resolution with 22in, but you will get a bigger viewing area. If you work close-up you may not find the size difference significant – horizontally, it's around an inch and a half. But the difference in quality will be obvious, and the NEC MultiSync 20WGX2 Pro is a versatile no-compromise all-rounder, ideal for video, gaming, photography and web use.


You won't be disappointed by the image quality or the features of the NEC MultiSync 20WGX2 Pro, and even its OSD is also relatively easy to use. It's not the cheapest monitor you can buy, but it is one of the best 20in monitors available.