The NEC Multisync 2090UXi is a 20in flat-panel display that offers professional colour performance at a price that won’t make your eyes water.

It's a fully featured display with decent controls, plenty of inputs, excellent colour linearity and good ergonomics. But although by no means expensive, the NEC Multisync 2090UXi is only a 20in flat-panel, and has only average styling.

The NEC Multisync 2090UXi almost looks like its big brother, the Reference 21.

NEC’s top-of-the-range Reference 2180 colour monitor weighs in at just under £4,000, so it’s interesting to see a model appear aimed at the lower end of the same market at just over a tenth of the price. To be clear, the NEC Multisync 2090UXi isn’t designed to be a direct competitor. It doesn’t have the LED backlighting, the more advanced SFT panel, or even the professional panel hood.

But the NEC Multisync 2090UXi still offers unusually good colour linearity, and is a credible budget alternative for those who don’t need the very best performance and aren’t prepared to pay the highest possible price.

Visually the NEC Multisync 2090UXi's styling is generic – a dark grey plastic finish that does a good job of blending into the background without intruding on your viewing pleasure. The ergonomics are good, with a solid height adjust and easy tilting. There’s even a carrying handle.

Around the back of the NEC Multisync 2090UXi are three input sockets, including one D-SUB and two DVIs. There are no USB ports or other extras.

The NEC Multisync 2090UXi's onscreen display (OSD) is more intuitive than most, with the bottom corner devoted to a selection of up/down, left/right and in/out buttons which, cleverly, are tagged with virtual labels on the panel when the OSD is being used. Six axis colour control makes the setup versatile, although in practice it’s best to use default settings and let an optional extra calibrator do the work for you.

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