The NEC LCD2690WUXi is a pricey but superb 25.5in flatpanel monitor.

On the face of it, £750 for a 25.5in screen seems like a bad deal. But the NEC LCD2690WUXi is a flawless work of art.

The NEC LCD2690WUXi doesn't wear its brilliance on its sleeve. Indeed, this is rather a chunky affair. We can forgive it its heft, however, given the sheer weight of technology inside. The NEC does look the part though, with its relatively discreet logo.

The NEC has a height adjustable stand, so you can adjust the picture so as to find its perfect angle. And, pivot is included too, so you can spin the NEC LCD2690WUXi's screen through 90 degrees to have more characters running down the screen rather than across.

Neither USB nor HDMI connections are included. However, you get two DVI ports - DVI-I and DVI-D - allowing you to plug the NEC LCD2690WUXi into three inputs at once.

The front-mounted buttons make the menu system quite straightforward to navigate. This is just as well, since the battery of options will prove extremely useful. From the versatile black levels to the sharpness and host of miscellaneous colour options, there's plenty to get your teeth into with the NEC LCD2690WUXi.

But what really makes this worth the money is the sheer quality of the technology. From the Xlight Pro backlight system to the ambient light sensor and the 12bit look-up table, the NEC LCD2690WUXi is an extremely professional screen. The TFT panel itself is an H-IPS, so the viewing angles are absolutely flawless and no visual bleed.

The screen's saturation will be 92 percent of NTSC, so colours are guaranteed to be bold and realistic. With the choice of colour modes, you can make the NEC LCD2690WUXi almost exactly what you want it to be, and the picture quality is fantastic.


Whether you’re a graphics professional or somebody needing to work with fine detail, the NEC LCD2690WUXi is astonishingly good. However, if such quality isn’t essential for your work, then the asking price of £750 is likely to prove too much.