Available in stylish silver or matte black, the good-looking 21.3in NEC 219OUXP flat-panel screen makes a favourable first impression – which it follows up with an equally attractive specifications list.

The first thing to note is the NEC 219OUXP’s green credentials: AmbiBright technology is an energy-saving ambient light sensor that aids the overall lower power consumption. The 178-degree viewing angles are another plus, and you get a choice of three analogue or digital inputs.

  • Impressive build quality
  • Easy-to-read, logical screen menus
  • Ability to adjust sharpness and individual colour temperatures minutes after startup
  • Pricey, but quality is worth paying for

The NEC 219OUXP's stand features a handy cable tidy that clips on the back. Unusually, there’s a wheel on its base, which means that if you want to move the NEC 219OUXP' screen left or right the whole unit swivels at once.

Screen visibility is adjusted via a cluster of onscreen controls located to the bottom-right of the NEC 219OUXP's screen surround. These include a separate slider for brightness and contrast, along with reset, menu selection and exit buttons.

Among the onscreen menu options is the ability to adjust sharpness – unlike equivalent options on other monitors here, this makes a noticeable difference on the NEC 219OUXP.

If you want to get really technical you can. The ability to adjust individual colour temperatures – plus their hue and saturation –
is a real boon for photographers. Another plus point is the NEC 219OUXP’s flexibility in rotating landscape or portrait.

The NEC 219OUXP is very simple to set up and get started, with cables provided for analogue and digital input. An optional speaker bar can be added at the base of the unit if desired.


The screen is sharp and crisp, its colours vivid – these can adjusted with ease – and the overall impression is one of competence and reliability. The NEC 219OUXP is an attractive option that won’t stretch your wallet beyond repair.