LG's W2452T is a 24in LCD display that takes a minimalist approach to features - which would be fine if it were priced to match. Unfortunately, at this price the LG really needs to offer considerably more connection and adjustability options to compete.

The LG W2452T has a native resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels, and it can connect to a PC via DVI or VGA input.

Although it can swivel and tilt, the LG W2452T lacks pivot and height adjustment.

The LG W2452T forgoes amenities such as USB 2.0 ports (fairly common on LCD monitors), an HDMI input, and an integrated webcam. Nor does it have built-in speakers or an option for attachable speakers.

The monitor's on-screen display menus have plenty of advanced adjustment options - such as individual colour controls - but we had difficulty navigating through the LG W2452T's menus. The navigation buttons are hidden below the display, and reading the corresponding labels for each button is nearly impossible.


Considering its price, the LG W2452T doesn't make the grade: you can find competing wide-screen displays that have more features and yet cost substantially less.