With a number of new models coming out at once, you might imagine that LG Electronic's LG W2252TQ 22in flatpanel monitor would have trouble standing out. Luckily, it has a couple of upgrades that allow it to sprint ahead of the W2242S reviewed last month.

The 10,000:1 contrast ratio is one distinguishing feature, and the LG W2252TQ quotes one of the highest figures of any LCD panel. We couldn't help but wonder whether the figure would really be noticeable, but even compared to the generously endowed W2242S, it does actually eke out that little extra from DVD movies when using the DFC feature.

Indeed, the LG W2252TQ's image quality is excellent. It doesn't quite reach the heights of the ViewSonic VP2250wb, but it comes close.

The LG W2252TQ also comes with a DVI connector built in which, again, edges it ahead of the W2242S. Given that the difference in price between the W2252LQ and the otherwise identical W2252S is around £18-£20, LG has given consumers the choice of going for a full digital interface or saving a few pounds while sticking with analogue.

Nonetheless, the LG W2252TQ stands out as an impressive model. It has appealing looks, and the glossy plastic casing makes it something of a conversation piece even when it's not switched on. Just be prepared to clean it regularly if it's to retain such polished excellence.

Most of the LG W2252TQ's features are very fine indeed. The specified 2ms response rate is excellent, with wonderfully smooth results produced in our games tests. And the brightness rating is high without getting excessive. As with the ViewSonic VP2250wb, the viewing angles aren't fantastic when close to the screen, bit it does work well from a distance (which is important in a film-friendly screen).


Some potential buyers may be annoyed by the lack of HDMI, but this can be rectified by an adaptor and/or cable. Otherwise, the LG W2252TQ is a rather sizzling flat-panel, aimed primarily at home (particularly gaming and home entertainment) users, so the viewing angles aren't a drawback, in the same way they might in a work environment (particularly graphics design). Users will find that its searing image and luscious looks make a statement for all the right reasons.